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Clearing Agent in Nairobi Kenya
Friends Removals Kenya Ltd team of professionals works to serve our clients at the highest levels of quality in all respects. We are licensed as a customs clearing Agent, which enables us to deliver smooth and trouble free services on a regular basis to our new and established clients. Based on a long-term relationship with the customs authority, we have built a reputation as a well-established and reliable customs clearing agent in Kenya.

Our customs clearing department is always looking to expand our knowledge in order to improve the customs clearing process, to align with international and East Africa regulations. We strive to earn the title of the best customs clearing agent with our clients.

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Clearing Agent in Nairobi Kenya

A complex network of connections allows us to deliver all services in the shortest time possible, at the most affordable prices. Our company is working with the most reliable shipping lines and air cargo companies in the world and always looking for new and reputable collaborations to benefit our clients.

Once reserved for emergencies and transportation of critical products, Air cargo has now become an essential element of the logistics networks worldwide. Air freight services are an excellent option for maintaining optimal balance between space, time, cost, and frequency. Air cargo is a reasonably effective way of reducing inventory costs and improving customer services. In Kenya, for transportation and logistics purposes, modern aircrafts are there which can handle thousands of Kgs of cargo to any other part of the world. Typically, the airfreight commodities are medical supplies, high value products, time sensitive supplies and other essential products.

The Ocean freight is the most traditional and popular procedure to send cargo commercially. The sea has always been a widely accepted means of transporting large amount of goods. There are various other means of shipments as well but when it comes to deliver heavy shipments to long distances then the ocean freight service is mostly preferred. On the other hand the transportation through air is also possible for fast service but it is much costlier as compared to sea freight forwarding. The shipping industry in today’s scenario is making much of its business in transport and logistics. A large number of service providers are operating in the field of cargo forwarding. The sea freight forwarding is also one of the safest and easiest ways to deliver the goods. The ships carrying these shipments have large spaces and fragile items can be safeguarded easily.