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What You Need To Know

Friends Removals Kenya Ltd is an Office movers Nairobi Kenya based. When you hire our Professional Movers for your household move or office relocation, you get an entire team of professional agents and movers who will do whatever it takes to make your next move an enjoyable and memorable experience. Here is a list of things you should be aware of:

  1. Moving Price Estimates
  2. Moving dates
  3. Receipt of shipment
  4. Liability for loss and damage


1. Moving Price Estimates

Everything that needs to be moved should be shown to the surveyor during the house survey. You should also ask the specialist to give you a cost estimate of any additional items you may wish to move.

When inquiring about a price estimate, you should give precise information about the location of your old and new residence. Inform the movers of obstacles such as stairs or escalators that will require special navigation. You should also supply an inventory of all items being moved when your price estimate is conducted electronically.

2. Moving Date

When booking your move, you should indicate to us when you want to move.. We are also responsible to tell you if the services can be provided on or between those dates or, if not , on what other dates the services can be provided.

After the dates and or times have been determined and agreed upon, you can still ask us to change the date and or time, provided your request will not result in unreasonable delay to our equipment or interfere with another customer’s move.

However, Friends Removals Kenya Ltd. is not required to consent dates and or time and has the right to place your shipment in storage at your expense if you are unwilling or unable to accept delivery on the date(s) agreed to in the contract.

3. Receipt of shipment

Upon completion of the shipment, your signature or that of an authorized person is required on the Carrier’s copy of the Job card/Delivery note to indicate your acknowledgement of the reception of your goods.

4. Liability for loss and damage

Some of your actions may limit our liability.

These include:

  • Perishable, dangerous or hazardous materials in your household goods without your mover’s knowledge (long distance).
  • Packing your own boxes. You may consider packing your own household goods articles to reduce your costs, but if the articles you pack are damaged, we are not liable for the loss.
  • Under valuation of your goods for insurance purposes.
  • Failing to notify us in writing about High value articles